About Us

FleXxtique™ started June of 2021, and is a newly developed Brand created with the idea of fitness and curviness. Focusing on women of all sizes in the market of Shape wear and Active wear and accessories. 

Our plans at FleXxtique are to continue blazing the ever growing retail path to success as a small business with plans to branch out from local to international. As a growing company our customer core value is to provide the best quality shape wear and active wear products at a reasonable price that you can’t turn down, plus we value each of our customers and their business ultimately. Our products are top quality in sourced from a #1 manufacture who strive to make sure each piece is created and made to the best in trendy and meeting customers standards. 

FleXxtique™ is still newly created and has its climbs to success and it’s future is bright; and as the market ever grows so does FleXxtique with each trend and style. Happy Shopping!! ☺️